Can My Electric Toothbrush Spy on Me?

Toothbrush Co.'s New Smart Toothbrush Monitors Your Teeth

You get the data on your teeth!

Track your family's oral hygiene in the click of an ad a smile :–)

Handy app* shows how well you and your children are brushing! Sends you* handy tips* tailored to your personal* oral hygiene requirements*.

Simply install our handy companion app* , link* the toothbrush* to the app* at the click of a button*, and every time you brush we'll update your tooth hygiene profile.

Multi-pack discount! Keep tabs on your whole family at once. Even when they move out of your home to live their own lives, you we can still track them.

We've got our teeth into your data!

Important notes:

#gadgeteering #whoseIOT

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Image credits: Susa via Open Clipart; Oleg via MarvelApp; PxFuel

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