DAVx5 Developing DAV PUSH Standard

Announced by @davx5app@fosstodon.org, the good folks at DAVx5.com who make the libre/open sync for CalDAV/CardDav/WebDAV, that connects Android/Outlook/Thunderbird to standard calendars, address books and file shares: they are now looking at designing a “push notification” standard for the DAV family of libre (open) standards.

Yay! Fantastic!

With push support, my family would get instant, efficient updates to our shared calendar and address book whenever any of us add an entry, for example.

The most interesting thing about this, for those of us who care about liberty and choice, is that the push delivery system should not be locked in to google/apple but should be able to use the UnifiedPush.org open standard that lets each end-user choose their preferred push provider. (See my other posts on UnifiedPush.)

Got technical knowledge? Join the discussion in their Matrix room #webdav-push:matrix.org.

See also their source repo (so far, drafting a specification document) (on a big tech silo, sorry), and a short talk introducing the DAV PUSH project (on another big tech silo, sorry).

#awesomeFOSS #DAVx5 #unifiedPush

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