FOSDEM '23 Interesting Talks

These are some of the talks I'm most interested in, at FOSDEM '23.

I won't be there in person, I'll be watching some from home and in the matrix.

By Tracks or Dev Rooms | Times are UTC+1

Special Extras

Main Tracks (Janson, K Building)

There are a lot of good main track talks.

And one of the Keynotes I'd like to call out:

Public Code and Digital Public Goods devroom

My first impressions: “Only half a day? There's so much more to do!” and, “Where's the ed-tech?” Surely ed-tech — and at the very least the education it supports — is firmly in the area of “public goods.”

Energy devroom

Note: some on line, others on campus

Matrix devroom

Matrix is awesome! Lots to hear about: more than ten talks in this track, in addition to the main track Matrix 2.0 talk. As I follow Matrix closely I am already aware of some of the things being presented, especially its technical developments. Here I single out presentations about how matrix is connecting people in the real world.

Sovereign Cloud

BSD devroom

Collaboration and Content Management

Lots about deploying Nextcloud etc., which might come in useful for building Open EdTech.

Lightning Talks

Other Fun Stuff

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