Gandi DNS inconsistency with CNAME pointing to '@'

This is my POSSE copy of: octodns-gandi issue #20 also filed as a Gandi API support ticket

Gandi treats CNAME value '@' inconsistently. In DNS queries it's expanded, but, in the API (at least as used by octodns-gandi) and in the Gandi DNS record editor preview, it's not.

In my Gandi DNS admin console I have some records like this:

pubsub 3600 IN CNAME @

In DNS queries, the '@' is expanded:

$ dig		3575	IN	CNAME

In Gandi's admin console, the “friendly” editor shows Your record will point to

This is inconsistent. Is the '@' supposed to be expanded or not? If so, the friendly editor display is wrong. If not, DNS queries are wrong.

Use of the '@' character is mentioned in RFC1035 – Domain Names – Implementation and Specification but this usage seems not sufficiently specified there.

OctoDNS error with Gandi DNS API: Exception when CNAME points to '@'

OctoDNS with its octodns-gandi module throws an exception when reading it:

$ octodns-dump --config-file=config/production.yaml --output-dir=tmp/ gandi
INFO  Manager __init__: config_file=config/production.yaml (octoDNS 0.9.21)
INFO  Manager __init__: provider=gandi (octodns_gandi 0.0.1)
octodns.record.ValidationError: Invalid record
  - CNAME value "" is not a valid FQDN

Should either Gandi's API or octodns-gandi expand the '@' in this case, I wonder? Or should this record have been disallowed in the first place?

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