I Can't Wait for Forge Federation


I was just preparing a Merge Request to contribute upstream, when I noted,

You can review my merge request in the web UI at my TraxLab (gitlab) repo. Obviously you can't click the “Merge” button (until Forge Federation is done — there's an awesome project to check out).

It still grieves me that open source devs push me into working with Microsoft Github. Sure I understand the argument to use it “because it's convenient right now and 'everyone' is there” but to me there's a more important value I wish to uphold:

Millions of Free Software developers forgot why it matters to own their tools.

... says ForgeFriends.org, continuing ...

They know, better than anyone, how to fix and improve them. But when they choose to collaborate only via the most popular proprietary software forges, they are denied the right to use their skills and cannot work with fellow developers who are banned because they reside in the wrong country. They have been made to believe that the tools they use daily to craft their own software are out of reach. As if their software was a product that could be separated from the other software running the tests, allowing changes to be merged or bugs to be filed. But software is a process, and whoever controls it ultimately decides what the developers can do and how they communicate.

I'm looking eagerly to the great work of the forward thinking folks involved in ForgeFriends, the ForgeJo forge and Codeberg.org hosting, who are turning forge federation from a dream into reality. They are creating one of the most important movements in the open source software world today. I am keeping my eyes open for a grant opportunity or other financial support, as I would love to join them in making it happen.

ForgeFed ForgeJo GetItOnCodeberg


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