Logo Cloud — Projects I Love

You can see it at the bottom of my blog posts, and in some of my other web pages.

logo cloud

At last I have got around to making a picture with a whole bunch of logos or icons of projects, products and organisations I love. Mostly open-source related, some real-life.

For a long time I have wanted to share my values on my web site. In the old days of the web I had the classic “list of links” page. Ideally I would like it to work more like this: things I care about are represented in some fluid, artistic manner, perhaps as bubbles floating around; a few of them are randomly chosen to take prominence for each visitor, changing on each visit or each day; each one represented visually, by its logo, maybe its name, maybe a few words; each linked to anything I have written about it (the hash-tag concept?) and to its own web site.

I am not artistic, generally. This would be “functional” art, not decorative for art's sake, but just visually appealing. A non-visual alternative for screen-reader users would have the same function.

My current incarnation is a static image. It contains only the logos I had available when I made it, not all of my interests, and I cannot trivially update it. I made it with an old open-source tool called “Fotowall” which I just found and wanted to try out. It served the purpose I was looking for, which was to throw a bunch of image files in and have it scatter them around, and some degree of control. Not perfect but a start.

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