Matrix: Your Hi-Fi Separates

An idea for explaining Matrix: it's hi-fi separates vs. a mini-hi-fi.

WhatsApp is a mini-hi-fi.

It's packaged just the way it is. Not working the way you want? Throw it away or put up with it. But worse: it plays only the music subscription it came with. You can't choose another radio station. Want to buy independent music? Nope. Lend albums to your friends? Only if your friends subscribe to the same manufacturer's club.

Look at those buttons on the all-in-one remote... That's all the control you get.

Matrix is Separates.


Choose your loudspeakers. Choose your cd/radio/tape/record players: they all play the standard music formats. Buy or borrow or create whatever music, audio books or news you like, from wherever you wish. It plays them all. Something not working the way you want? Replace or upgrade any part, or ask an independent repair shop or friend to adjust it. Lend it to your local club, hook it up to their big stage amp. No problem. It's standardised, it's a tool, it's yours.

Of course your friends are free to choose their own separates. Maybe neat and tidy like yours. Maybe extreme.


#matrix #awesomeFOSS

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