No Ad Blocker Detected

I was reminded of the Detect Missing Ad-blocker WordPress plugin made by Stefan Bohacek.

I hate intrusive advertising on the web. I always install ad blockers to manage my own experience but I often forget that many of my friends and family are oblivious and see ads as a routine annoyance. Presumably they assume it's an inevitable part of modern life. And they don't even see the adjacent class of content, the invisible, nefarious, mass surveillance and tracking.

Could I do something to help my friends and family? Presumably these people are likely to share my values.

Why, yes, I could!


Installing the detector plug-in into my WordPress site took only a minute. You can search for “detect-missing-adblocker” in your WordPress “Add Plugins” admin page, or download it and install the resulting file.

Then I customised the pop-up to my liking in its settings page. I wanted it to be personal, gentle, yet firm, so I added my own name, made the message longer and put most of it inside an expandable “details” element that is hidden until clicked. And I added a link to what must be the canonical reference on the topic: .


No ad-blocker?


<summary>Dear visitor, this is from me, Julian, not a commercial/legal pop-up. <a>More...</a></summary>

I'm a quiet person, enjoying a quiet and safe online experience. If you'd like that too, consider installing a browser extension, an ad blocker. We all should. It hides the insidious ads. It also blocks malicious surveillance and tracking scripts, protecting our privacy and security. Learn how and why: <a href="">shouldiblockads</a> or <a class="text-dark text-decoration-none" href="">Stefan Bohacek</a>.

<small><em>You may close this message. Unless you clear cookies I won't bring it up again. And sorry if this detector erred. --Julian</em></small>

It looks like this:

Thank you Stefan for making this tool!

Now, to complete the set, I just need the other one, where did I see it recently?, the one that says:

Warning: your computer has the Google Chrome malware. Consider switching to Firefox.

#bigTech #awesomeFOSS

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