Posted in TWIM: Matrix Scribe

This is my POSSE copy of the Matrix Scribe announcement of that I posted in This Week in Matrix (TWIM) 2022-03-04.

This Week in Matrix 2022-03-04

Dept of Bots 馃

Matrix Scribe

JulianF announces

I'm working on a little hobby project, The Matrix Scribe.

The Matrix Scribe helps us re-post or transcribe messages into matrix that we received from somewhere else, posing as different ghost users to represent the original authors.

Scribe will post this:

Ann I'm Ann.

Bob Hello! I'm Bob.

when I write this to @scribe-bot:

@julian /scribe as Ann

@julian I'm Ann.

@julian /scribe as Bob

@julian Hello! I'm Bob.

That is an illustration of the goal. The output part works already; the bot part isn't implemented yet.


If you find this interesting...

Scribe is not intended to mislead users. It should be deployed in such a way that its use is clear, and require appropriate permissions.


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