UnifiedPush Plan for Murena /e/-OS

I would love to work for or with Murena on their /e/-OS phone. UnifiedPush support is one of the first things I would propose to do.

UnifiedPush is in my humble opinion one of the most important recent developments for freedom phones, granting freedom from Google’s FCM. I followed it from its OpenPush origins.

I have deployed the ‘ntfy’ server implementation on my home network. I successfully submitted it for inclusion in the popular Matrix installer matrix-docker-ansible-deploy, so matrix self-hosters can deploy it easily.

If given the chance to advance UnifiedPush support, I would propose a plan something like this:

I am posting this in the e-foundation forum discussion “Add UnifiedPush to /e/OS to make it possible for developers to avoid FCM and better support F-Droid applications”

#unifiedPush #degoogled

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