Why I Customised my Lock Screen

As if I didn't have enough else to do with my evening, I spent it making this. Why?

Customising the visual appearance of anything has never interested me unless it's for a purpose. I decided at last that I do have a purpose, which is that I want people to see that I'm doing something different, that my phone is not the usual Apple-controlled or Google-controlled data tentacle. And I have been collecting some ideas.

I'm proud of the result. It packs in a lot that's important to me. Icons of my favourite libre software, and of real-life connections. David Revoy's lovely libre-licensed illustration of Ada. My contact addresses showing how they all link to me at my own domain name. My face, the version I use as an avatar. A sticker I designed.

“Who will see it?” you might well wonder. Mostly me, admittedly, but sometimes someone sitting next to me will see it incidentally, and sometimes I'm getting out the phone to show someone something. This small possibility of opening up a conversation or making somebody curious about it is enough for me. Now you can see it too.

How many of the icons can you identify?

#awesomeFOSS #degoogled

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