Working on Subversion issue #525

Issue #525 is one of the earliest feature requests for Apache Subversion. The request is to make the pristine or base files optional, so that the disk space occupied by a working copy would be little more that of the working files, in contrast to the existing situation where each file is stored twice.

Interest in this issue was revived in the middle of last year. Karl Fogel started a new discussion thread with a proposal, describing how a solution to this issue could work in practice to ease versioning operations in his company and others he knew of. It was fantastic to see Evgeny create a working prototype soon afterwards, and several other developers follow up with constructive suggestions.

Thanks to sponsorship, I am now able to work on completing this. Karl Fogel arranged this, saying “the sponsorship comes from a consortium of several companies — Open Tech Strategies LLC (my company) is just one of them.”

This work will be conducted within the Apache Subversion project. That means all the code will be open source (as will any documentation, build tools, etc.) and the development will be conducted in public, with the help of and by agreement with the rest of the open community of Subversion developers, who will have the final say in the outcome.

Follow our progress in the email thread (day-to-day discussion) or issue #525 (infrequent updates such as milestones reached).

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