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I wish our children could grow up making their digital footprints in their own digital gardens. In the current system our children visit shopping malls run by the Big Tech companies whose business model is to find every way to maximise profit from their “users”.

This is my list of Open EdTech resources that I see as helpful toward my goals.

Education Technology here includes a wide range of technology used in education, including school information systems management, communication with parents, and delivery of teaching, and the devices used by teachers and pupils. The curriculum of IT lessons is adjacent and has some overlap.

Open Education Technology is based on open principles including open standards, open data, open source software, and open models of development, procurement and business.

This page lists resources relating to Open EdTech advocacy, development, news, etc.

The focus here is on general adoption of education technology, rather than specific pieces of software or specific functions. Specific instances may be included as examples. The focus may be biased to the UK, although most of the issues involved are international.

Open EdTech Advocacy, Campaigns, Petitions

Open EdTech Development: Software Platforms

“Platform” here means, loosely, a software and/or service designed to have multiple different functionalities plugged in to it.

Big, established platforms:

Upcoming and interesting platforms:

Open EdTech Development: Applications

Open EdTech in the News

News collections. (And perhaps, exceptionally, some individual articles.)

Why it matters: what's wrong with giving Them our (children's) data?

EdTech and Government

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