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Congratulations to GNU/Linux.ch and FSFE-CH for this initiative! I love what you're doing here. I think maybe I want to get involved.

I'm a FLOSS dev and thinker, and recently blogged about how we need to be doing exactly this kind of campaign. I'm delighted that you are! Though I'm no PR expert I have some ideas. In my Social Media Links for A People-Centred Community, the messaging I made up begins,

You! You, university! You, sports club! You, local library, city council, school, church, youth group! Your social media links could look like this:

Join us in our own spaces! — [Mastodon] – [Pixelfed] – [Friendica] – [PeerTube] ... — [Blog] – [Fediverse] – [Matrix] ... open-media-icons-p1.png We are also on commercial media: — [G] [A] [F] [A] [M] ... social-media-icons-n1.png

It shows visually the desired emphasis on values, and suggests the organisation should include an footnote or pop-up pointing out to their visitors why they recommend channels that match the organisation's values, in contrast to the dratted Big Tech.

Now, it really helps that the fine people at GNU/Linux.ch and FSFE-CH have created a site along these lines. Now it's been done once, it makes it a whole lot easier to adapt and grow the idea. Targeting one specific sector is a smart move: readers in that sector feel it's more “personal” to them.

So, next, can we adapt the idea for other target sectors?

Let's make... “fedi-uni”, “fedi-sport”, “fedi-library”, “fedi-city”, “fedi-school”, “fedi-church”, “fedi-youth” campaign pages?

And share them.

I think I want to connect, maybe get involved. I have reached out to them.


#fediverse #awesomeFOSS #degoogled #campaign #outreach #openEdTech

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