Social Media Links for A People-Centred Community

You! You, university! You, sports club! You, local library, city council, school, church, youth group! Your social media links could look like this:

Join us in our own spaces! — [Mastodon] – [Pixelfed] – [Friendica] – [PeerTube] ... — [Blog] – [Fediverse] – [Matrix] ... open-media-icons-p1.png We are also on commercial media: — [G] [A] [F] [A] [M] ... social-media-icons-n1.png

with an explanatory footnote or pop-up:

Note: * Our primary social and discussion spaces belong to us. They are under our own control. In these spaces our organisation's values and rules apply: for example on membership eligibility, acceptable topics, age limits, real name requirements, historical archiving, data privacy, spamming, and other matters. * Accounts we hold on commercial services are subject to each respective service's control and terms and conditions, and as such are not under our control and do not necessarily comply with our own values and rules.

I want us to create a campaign of outreach, which we can show to organisations, which clearly and persuasively shows why and how they can have their own social and discussion spaces, and why they should elevate their own above commercial ones in their own outreach materials.

Many organisations currently promote only commercial social media. Typically they show a list of icons of the biggest commercial media. Some operate one or more self-owned social media, but where they show a list of options do not show any distinction between their own and the others. The software that organisations use to create their website often adds another bias by making it easy to show and link to big commercial (and mainly older) social media, and harder to include the icons and links to self-owned (as well as newer commercial) channels.

If I were to begin in grass-roots style, I might simply write to some organisations local to me. However, we could get the message across much more effectively if we work together.

Then we should find ways of contacting a large number of relevant recipients.

Who could co-ordinate something like this? I am not a campaigns organiser. I would love to find people who can take on a project like this. Could you help?

Update 2024-04-30

Here is how the most excellent Framasoft does it:



Update 2024-04-30

Here is an idea. Replace silo icons with images of their owner.

(FB) (X-tw) (Inst) –> faces of (Zuck) (Musk) (Zuck)

This is an open letter. Please use, adapt, study, improve, and share it. I hereby license it CC-BY-SA.


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